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Cara Campanelli: Press

"...her rich alto voice can go from pleasant and dreamy to dark and bold within a manner of moments."

"With So Near, Campanelli shows a clear direction, fondness for those artists who came before her, and a willingness to explore these classics to the fullest extent."

"Cara Campanelli ’09 darts through torrential rain across a tree-lined street in Brookline, Massachusetts, to the shelter of her music teacher’s house, on a thundery August afternoon. She removes her shoes in the hallway before entering the living room where Kalpana Sadhana sits on the floor surrounded by family photographs and other reminders of her native Bengal, cradling a large five-stringed instrument, the tanpura. The lingering scent of Indian spices and a recorded raga playing in the background seem to have an immediately calming effect on Campanelli, who is slight, dark haired, and inclined to be a little adrenalized..."

"A riveting demonstration of what jazz singing...[is] all about."
"Her deep, rich voice traveled beautifully...and if you had closed your eyes, you might have thought you were listening to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald or Peggy Lee."
"Formidable improvisation skills"